ECO WEEK 13 - 17th OF JUNE 2016

We have designated the week 13/06/16 – 17/06/16 as a week of ecological activities to improve the environment around the School in order to promote good sustainability practice in school.  The Eco Schools award programme is based on eight topic areas that directly relate to issues generally faced by schools:


> Litter         >  Waste minimisation       > School grounds
> Energy       > Water                           > Healthy Living
> Transport   > Global Citizenship

As part of our Eco week all classes have been given a homework challenge of reusing materials that otherwise would be thrown away.


  •  Reception - old shoes/wellingtons
  •  Yr 1 and 2 - plastic
  •  Yr 3 and 4 - wood/clothes
  •  Yr 5 and 6 - tins/metal/wood



Mrs Bethan Evans-Phillips came to the school to assess if we have been doing enough eco activities to sustain our platinum status. Miss Jones, the committee and I showed her our projects, and she was very pleased with our work.  Therefore, congratulations to the school for winning the platinum flag once again. John Yr. 6


Platinwm Eco 2015



These pupils are members of the Eco Committee - John, Annabella, Ffion, Iestyn & Harry W



John and I went to the Botanical Gardens for the National Eco Committee conference.  There were many activities  for us to do with children from other platinum schools, and we were filmed talking about the changes we would like to make for the world to be a better place.   Annabella Yr5


DSCN6120  DSCN6114