Pre School Education


Education prior to school age 

Opposite the school is a nursery called Cam Cyntaf (First Step). We work in close partnership with this nursery as most of the children are from the local area and therefore feed Peniel School when they become 4 years of age. For further information please contact Jenny:

Meithrinfa Y Cam Cynta’ Nursery 

Peniel Carmarthen SA32 7AB 01267 236355


Bronwydd Meithrin School/Pre school 

Most pupils from this nursery school feed Peniel School. We take every opportunity to encourage families to attend this provision as it eases the transition for these young people - as they start their formal education with their friends. 

Meithrin Leader: Mrs Verona Clift

Opening Times:- 9.15am - 12pm - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 

Ages :- 2½ years old - 4 years old

Ti a Fi: Children before nursery age, Friday 10am – 12am